Some of One Pagers unique features


Debbie's desserts aren't fancy or flashy, but they will be the best you've ever tasted.

Quality Ingredients

Every dessert is made with care from scratch using the freshest ingredients.

Local Delivery

Debbie wants every dessert to be at it's best, so delivery comes standard with all local orders.

Custom Desserts

Have a particular dessert in mind? Other home-style desserts are typically available upon request.

My Happy Customers

I’ve never sampled anything she made that wasn’t great. Everything in her recipe portfolio is wonderful. My personal favorite is her coconut cake with lemon curd filling.

I’ve had the grand privilege of tasting Debbie’s baking for 36 plus years! There is not a dessert I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed and have yet to find someone who makes a tastier masterpiece.

This is the best baklava I’ve tasted, hands down. Wonderfully rich with complex textures and flavors that will make your eyebrows raise and your taste-buds happy.

I asked Debbie to bake some beautiful cupcakes for my daughter Mandy’s 30th birthday. They needed to be special so I went to Debbie. I expected beautiful and delicious, but Debbie superceded my expectations! I’ve never been disappointed in anything that Debbie has created.

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Little Debbie

Little Debbie

From an early age, Debbie’s mother let her help in the kitchen, making whatever new recipe she found. Her Greek grandmother taught her how to make traditional recipes from Greece. From her other grandmother, a country girl from Texas, she learned to make simpler, but equally delicious, desserts.

Today, Debbie makes desserts that are a favorite all around town. Her desserts don’t always look perfect (although they are very close) but that’s what makes them special. They don’t come from a box or freezer. She makes every dessert with the same care as when she makes them for her own family.

Choose from one of the custom favorites, use the list below, or make a special request. Please keep in mind that Debbie does not offer ornamentation or decoration. This means she’s happy to bake and frost a cake to use for a birthday, but you’ll have to add the “Happy Birthday” yourself.  She’ll make a lemon meringue pie, but the meringue will not be in the shape of a flower.

What Debbie guarantees is great tasting desserts made with the love of family. Call her today at 786-693-0065 to place an order.